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  • Why does my coupon code not work?
    • Where to apply
    • Coupons associated course
    • Coupon may have expired
  • Why is my course more expensive than the listed price?
    • Ensure you have the correct amount of items in your shopping cart
  • What do I do if I have registered from the wrong course?
    • Please contact the First Aid Alive team to assist in enrolment of the correct course
  • Can I register for multiple users at one time?
    • No, individuals must register themselves
  • I’m having trouble answering course exam questions
    • Please contact the First Aid Alive team to help you to understand exam questions
    • You can review questions at the end of the key exams to confirm which answers where answered incorrectly
  • The training website has become unresponsive, what has happened?
    • The training website is only available between 6am – 11pm AEST.
  • What is the difference between HLTAID011 and HLTAID012 courses, I’m not sure which one to enrol in?
    • The different between HLTAID011 (Provide First Aid) and HLTAID012 (Provide Emergency First Aid response for Education and Care Setting) is that HLTAID012 is for childcare workers, kindy teachers, after-hours school care, or anyone under the childcare act
  • How many years are HLTAID011 / HLTAID012 courses valid for?
    • 3 years from date on certificate / statement of attainment
  • How many years is HLTAID009 (CPR) valid for?
    • 1 year from date on certificate / statement of attainment
  • Do I have to enrol in HLTAID009 (CPR) as well as HLTAID011 / HLTAID012 courses?
    • No, HLTAID009 (CPR) is included in both courses. Do not add this course to the shopping cart.

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